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COVID-19: We are committed to keeping students and staff safe. Review our updates, information and protocols.

Types of Learning


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Summit has been expanding its modes of learning delivery in order to continue teaching students while keeping them safe.

Please note: The modes of delivery for each cohort is decided by the administration and academic programs using a balance of two factors: effective learning and public health safety. The modes described below are not choices made by the student, but instead possible modes chosen by the school depending upon factors at the time.

There are three modes of delivery that we consider: On-campus, Hybrid (blended), or Fully Online.

On-Campus Learning

In this traditional approach, instructors and students meet in classrooms on the campus five days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. There are usually six periods per day lasting approximately 50 minutes each. Even with on-campus courses, Summit uses a Learning Management System (LMS) which serves as a repository of course resources and assignments, allowing students to access the resources from a computer, laptop or phone at night or on weekends.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid delivery, also known as blended, is a combination of on-campus instruction along with online learning. Students may be on campus 1 – 3 days per week, and the rest of the week’s learning will occur online. The total time for learning each day will be the same number of hours as on-campus learning, with most of the time online being synchronous (scheduled and live) combined with a lesser amount of asynchronous learning (unscheduled self-study).

Fully Online Delivery

When public health and our students’ safety warrants it, Summit may move to a fully online delivery option. Students will still interact with each other and their instructors daily, albeit remotely. This will be a combination of synchronous (scheduled and live) and asynchronous (unscheduled self-study). Access to instructors and to resources is consistent and assured.