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We exist to assist individuals in developing their ability to earn and to become contributing citizens in their community.

Summit Academy also fundamentally believes that The best social service program in the world is a job.

Information Technology / Service Desk Technician


Summit Academy OIC will be recognized as a regional leader in the development of workforce development educational services, initiatives and policy innovation.



We strive to be and to create the community leaders necessary to achieve equity in employment. We establish bold visions that challenge systemic injustice. We take risks and reframe challenges as opportunities. We identify solutions and take positive action. We act urgently, strategically, and resourcefully to achieve our mission.


We believe in exceptional human potential. We provide high quality, in-demand training, individualized support, and career services that are life-changing for our students, their families, and their communities. We seek to transform social services, workforce training, recruitment, and employment systems to improve equal access to jobs and economic stability.


We do not accept defeat. We challenge cynicism, despair, despondency, and the status quo. Our campus community is dedicated to working alongside our students to overcome barriers to success. We have faith in one another and in our students. We believe in positive change and actively work to achieve it.


We do not make excuses. Our students’ success matters more than anything else. We constantly evaluate and seek to improve our effectiveness, measure our success, and tailor services to meet our students’ needs.


Every individual has an unique story. We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of our students and others. We recognize that our collective impact as a campus community is made stronger by our diversity and our networks. We are committed to strong partnerships with community organizations, organized labor, government, and employers to ensure our students’ success.


We honor the legacy of civil rights leader Dr. Rev. Leon Sullivan: We support economic, social, and political justice, including equal work opportunities for all people. We believe that true empowerment comes from providing individuals with the training and opportunities they need to improve their own lives and communities. We work with purpose and determination to ensure that, each day, Summit Academy OIC and our community are better than the day before.

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