Welcome to the Great Summit Academy OIC T-shirt Design Contest!!

 SAOIC is looking for a compelling design to feature prominently on t-shirts for our students. 
We would love to see a design so attractive that we would want to wear it outside of work/school!

The rules are simple:

1. Download any of the Summit Logos. Logo 1, Logo 2, Logo 3. (Click a logo link. Right-click the image. Then save-as)

2. The shirt will be navy blue and the Summit logo must be incorporated on the shirt somewhere.

3. It could be a design for the front, back, front and back, sleeve and back… you get the idea.

(Try to be mindful that the more colors = more cost per t-shirt).

4. ANYTHING goes, so bring out your inner creativity! 

5. When you are finished email your design to saoicmarketing@gmail.com

6. Our judging committee will make the final selection by June 1.

7. The winning design gets bragging rights and a Visa $100 gift card!!!?????

Best of luck, designers!

Terms & Conditions