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Are you ready for a career in Cybersecurity? Summit will give you the hands-on experience and knowledge you need to ensure online safety for individuals and organizations. Cybersecurity is the protection of Internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data. Learn about cybersecurity principles, current challenges to threat prevention and strategies to counter security risks.

What does Cybersecurity support do?

An entry-level position in cybersecurity is important in protecting network systems by managing firewalls, monitoring passive and active threats, and helping deploy security policies. This position is vital in providing technical support to staff within a company to ensure overall safety measures are intact. You will constantly be engaged in new and exciting challenges.

Cybersecurity Essential Duties

  • Monitor systems to identify and prevent threats
  • Find cyber vulnerabilities and assist to patch weaknesses before they are exploited
  • Identify, analyze, and troubleshoot issues both independently and within a team setting
  • Communicate to staff through phone, email, or face-to-face interactions

You Will Learn

After graduation, students will be able to meet the following program objectives:

  • Identify key components of cybersecurity and prepare for an entry-level position in the field
  • Use industry-recognized tools to root out threats and vulnerabilities for various devices and systems
  • Apply effective communication skills, both written and oral, for a variety of stakeholders
  • Develop a growth mindset for continuous learning in areas of cybersecurity

Program Curriculum & Schedule

Background checks: Many Companies in the IT field require background checks prior to hiring. This may include both criminal and financial. Having a felony record WILL affect your ability to find employment in the IT field.

Weeks 1-10


Weeks 1-10 is where you will learn the foundations of cybersecurity as well as basic professional business skills. You will learn IT fundamentals, Microsoft Office, as well as Intro to Cybersecurity, which helps you understand the technology side. You will also collaborate with your classmates as working in teams is critical to your success in the IT industry. This includes building your “power skills” in both written and oral communications. Class may meet both in person as well as virtually, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m.-3:50 p.m. in Phase I.


  • Understand foundational principles and value of IT and cybersecurity
  • Gain familiarity with Microsoft Suites
  • Build “power skills” to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Utilize keyboarding skills

Topics covered:

  • Intro to Cybersecurity
  • Communications and English
  • IT Fundamentals and Computer Lab
  • Network Fundamentals
  • MS Suites and Keyboarding Skills

Weeks 11-20


Weeks 11-20 is where we build on the foundations you learned in Phase I. You have the skills, now we put them to the test! This part of the program is designed to challenge students with a higher degree of difficulty in cybersecurity. We will present you with the concepts of maintaining a network system, applying and configuring a firewall, and identifying malware, exploits, and threats. In addition to advancing your technical aptitude, you will receive career development skills to help you transition into everyday work life. You will also take part in an internship where you’ll gain practical experience with the entire process, from problem-solving to evaluating, refinement, and execution. Class may meet both in person as well as virtually, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m.-3:50 p.m. in Phase II.

*IT Program is approved by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education
*Summit Academy reserves the right to cancel the program if the class doesn’t reach the minimum of 20 students.


  • Learn the theory around security, networking, and threat prevention
  • Identify and prevent threats
  • Learn problem-solving techniques through collaborative efforts
  • Build “power skills” to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Employ “theory-to-practice” through an internship experience

Topics covered:

  • Career Development
  • Customer Service Communications
  • Cybersecurity Infrastructure Configuration
  • Cybersecurity Prevention
  • Network Security Essentials


Classes Start November 15, 2021

Our school is actively looking for candidates who want a new career in the fields of construction, information technology or Medical Administrative Assistant. You will not need to make any tuition payments or take out any student loans. We work to ensure your tuition is paid for entirely by grants, scholarships, and contracts.

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  2. Submit your application.
  3. Someone from the Admissions department will contact you within 1-2 business days after your application is submitted.